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Ed Yardeni: «For the stock market, that’s all bullish»

Investment Strategist Ed Yardeni thinks that the GameStop saga is mostly a sideshow. More important for investors is the ultra-easy monetary policy.

Ed Yardeni is optimistic about the stock market. The recent turbulences on Wall Street don’t change this view. According to the founder of the independent investment advisor Yardeni Research, known in the financial industry as «Dr. Ed,» investors should try to tune out the noise. The «Reddit GameStop Connection» is making headlines, but in the end it’s just a sideshow.

What do you make of the recent turbulences on Wall Street?
Traditional investors who focus on fundamentals have learned over the last years that markets can be volatile and that there are participants that don’t necessarily focus on fundamentals. We’ve had flash crashes caused by algorithms. This is a new development that creates volatility. Investors need to learn to live with it and tune it out as best they can. Dieser Text ist für Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten reserviert. Digital 5 Wochen ab CHF 20.– Jetzt testen Bereits abonniert?