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Die Impotenz der EZB

«The combination of the two measures is important by itself. It ensures the smooth transmission of our monetary policy to money markets. The fixed rate full allotment policy will represent liquidity insurance for the banking system… In other words, this is a measure that benefits all kinds of banks…»

«So, frankly, fears over a lack of funding cannot be used as an excuse for not lending.»

«ABS have a very bad name, but one should say that there were very different kinds of ABSs…we are far from reaching any conclusion. We are looking at all possible options, we are aware of the importance of this and we are also aware of what we can do and what we cannot do.»

«On the deposit facility rate, we said it in the past: we are technically ready. There are several unintended consequences that may stem from this measure. We will address and cope with these consequences if we decide to act. We will look at this with an open mind and we stand ready to act if needed.»