Schindler: «Antitrust disputes and a tough price war»

Alfred N. Schindler, member of the board of directors and long-serving Chairman/CEO of the elevator company, considers a merger with ThyssenKrupp Elevator as too risky.

Arno Schmocker and Manfred Rösch

Alfred N. Schindler, still a member of the board of directors of the elevator and escalator company of the same name and an active entrepreneur, rarely talks publicly. He lives by the motto «Deliver, don’t babble». With tectonic shifts occurring within the sector, especially as part of the planned sale of the similarly sized competitor ThyssenKrupp Elevator – Alfred N. Schindler felt the urge to speak up.

Mr. Schindler, ThyssenKrupp Elevators is up for sale. The Finnish competitor Kone and private equity houses have expressed interest. Otis, the soon-to-be independent subsidiary of United Technologies, has declined for now. Why are you speaking up at this time?
My 2-year cooling off period in the media that I began after leaving the top position in the Group in the summer of 2017 has now come to an end. We are experiencing, right here and now, entrepreneurial history in the global elevator sector. Something like this has never happened before within this highly concentrated industry. I simply could not and will not remain silent in this context. Dieser Artikel ist für Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten reserviert. Digital-Abonnements ab 28 Fr. / Monat Zu den Abonnements Bereits abonniert?