«Three reasons to be optimistic»

George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and now editor of the «London Evening Standard», makes a case against the widespread gloom and is unhappy about Brexit.

Jan Schwalbe und Philippe Béguelin

For George Osborne, Brexit is «one of the worst decisions my country has made for a very long time». Now he argues that for Britain and Switzerland, working together to get a more permanent cooperation with the European Union was «codified in their relationship as non-members». Despite geopolitical crises, Osborne is optimistic. He welcomes the deregulation by Donald Trump and sees China as a force for stability. Osborne gave a presentation at the Fund Experts Forum of «Finanz und Wirtschaft».

Mr Osborne, after the euphoria at the beginning of the year, sentiment has deteriorated. How do you assess the international situation?
It’s very easy to be pessimistic about the world at the moment. Everyone is very gloomy, but I would give the counter-picture. There are three reasons to be optimistic. Firstly, Donald Trump is not as dangerous as he looks. Secondly, Europe is not falling apart, and thirdly, China is no threat.

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